Sunset Shores is offering seasonal leased RV lots in 2019 for $4200 / year including utilities and winter storage (with deposited renewal).

The choice is yours to lease or to purchase and a lease will give you the benefit of trying us out before you own. However there are some drawbacks of leasing:

1. Since our priority is to sell the property, leased lots are still for sale and the leaser may be asked to move sites. 
2. Leasing a lot is more expensive on a year by year basis and there is no control on lease increases. 
3. Delaying a purchase by a year could cause a higher purchase price of a lot the following year as prices are increased. 
4. Delaying a purchase by a year will likely result in your first choice lot being taken by someone else, and you may only get your 2nd or 3rd choice of properties the following year. 
5. A property purchase is considered one of the strongest investments a person can make, projections are that these lakefront Properties are at a premium and values will continue to rise as the years go by, why rent when you can own.